Malwin Faber
Photo by Julia Steinigeweg

Malwin Faber

*1990, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

In his painting he develops an uncontainable energy from the gestural movement which make the dynamics and indexicality visible. He counters this with a strong precision of sharp-edged pictorial elements. In this the artist finds an inexhaustible potential, which is brought forth from the tension between discipline and freedom or control and loss of control.

Malwin Faber seeks and finds material textures and pictorial elements in abstract painterly experimentation, which he repeatedly applies and develops over several series of works. In a complex layering of his pictorial elements, the impression of spatiality is created. Inspired by this illusionistic depth of pictorial space, the artist also integrates real space into his work: in addition to painting on the wall, objects and installations make it possible to experience his work as a physical spatial image.

Solo & duo exhibitions (selection)

"Rankhilfe und Formschnitt", 2022, Kunstverein Quickborn

"Koi Koi Koi. Malwin Faber & Jonathan Esperester", 2022, plan.d. Produzentengalerie, Düsseldorf

"Bilder aus dem Irgendwo. Malwin Faber & Sven Scharfenberg", 2021, Raum Linksrechts, Hamburg

"Zwischenräume", 2017, Markert Kunstforum, Hamburg

"Farbschnitte. Indizien zur Herkunft des Bildes", 2015, Kunstraum Bogenhausen, München

"Spurensicherung", 2015, weartberlin gallery at Blond & Blond Contemporary, Berlin

"Malerei Malwin Faber", 2015, Siechenhauskapelle, Neuruppin

Group exhibitions (selection)

"Bilder heute, Welten morgen", 2022, Horror Vacuii, Leipzig

"Ahlener Doppel", 2021, Kunstverein Ahlen

"Emotional Sculpture", 2021, Westwerk, Hamburg

"Hamburger Kultursommer", 2021, art on billboards + AR-installation + group show, MeetFrida gallery, Hamburg

"add art", Lebuhn & Puchta, 2019, Hamburg

„Forma - Figura - Exemplar“, 2019, weartberlin gallery, Berlin

"Position.", 2018, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg

"Concrete Dance", 2017, Kunstvoll gallery at Rundbunker Barmbek, Hamburg

"_2/5 Material_isierung", 2017, xpon-art gallery, Hamburg

"Hexagon", 2016, Galerie Art Supplement, Göttingen

"11. Elysée-Preis für Malerei", 2014, Galerie im Elysée, Hamburg

"The Hole", Shenkar, 2013, Ramat Gan (Israel)

Publications and press

"Malwin Faber. Repeat", 2022, catalog, publisher: KRAUTin Verlag Berlin, edition: 250, pages: 40, ISBN: 978-3-96703-054-9

"Malwin Faber. Open Studio", 2021, artist film portrait by Anne Simone Krüger and Ariane Bethusy-Huc, ArtSceneFilm presents Open Studio, Hamburg

"Artist Residency Group Show", 2021, Exhibition catalog, 2021, MeetFrida Foundation, Text: Dr. Franzsika Storch, Hamburg

"Auf Schatzsuche in Hamburg-Lurup", 2019, documentary film about Malwin Fabers neigbourhood Lurup and his art studio Bö78, Norddeutscher Rundfunk

"Malwin Faber. Zwischenräume", 2017, exhibition catalog, curator: Dagmar Lott-Reschke, publisher: Kunstforum Markert Gruppe

"Malwin Faber. Julia Holtmann", 2014, add art exhibition catalog, publisher: BDO AG Hamburg

Awards and grants

"Zukunftsstipendium", 2021, scholarship, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung & Hamburger Behörde für Kultur und Medien & BBK Hamburg

"Förderpreis 2020", sponsorship award, Carolina D’Amico Foundation

Scholarship for studies abroad, 2013, Karl H. Ditze Foundation


Artist in residence: Stilwerk Hamburg - called out by MeetFrida Foundation, 2021, Hamburg

Artist in residence: Atelier am Eiskeller in Lindow, 2014, Lindow (Mark)

Teaching experiences

Lectureship for painting, HAW Hamburg, 2021

Voluntary art class for refugees, Fördern & Wohnen, Hamburg-Lurup, 2017-2018


Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, Israel, multidisciplinary art, Prof. Lary Abramson, 2012-2013

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), BA design and painting, Prof. Christian Hahn, 2010-2014