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Malwin Faber. Resonanzfrequenzen. 2023
Solo Exhibition

"Resonanzfreqenzen" a Solo Exhibition by Malwin Faber at Kunstverein Ahlen

KunstVerein Ahlen e. V.
11.08.2023 – 10.09.2023

Structure and static on one hand, whirlwind and dynamism on the other: Malwin Faber harmonizes contrasts in his paintings that were once deemed irreconcilable in the realm of modern art, combining geometric and gestural abstraction. While one represents objective orders, the other embodies the artist's subjective self-expression …

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Malwin Faber. Repeat. cataloge 2022

A Concise Art Book: "Repeat. Malwin Faber"

In "Repeat," released in 2022 by KRAUTin in Berlin, the artist Malwin Faber once more captivates with his dynamic gestural creations that extend beyond the confines of conventional canvas. An artist's book that, in contrast to the exhibition, offers the possibility to look at the works in repeat mode. When and where you want.

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ReFraming Art Stilwerk Hamburg
Group Exhibition

MeetFrida Foundation Curates "ReFraming Art" as a Pinnacle of "add art" within Stilwerk Hamburg, 2022

Embarking on an open-door engagement, the economy beckons: Hamburg enterprises and institutions extend an invitation to explore and exhibit art this November. As a pivotal aspect of the "ReFraming Art" initiative, the MeetFrida Foundation, in conjunction with stilwerk, introduces a cohort of accomplished artists: Animationseries2000, Julia Kloos, Christine Brey, Jonathan Esperester, Malwin Faber, Claudia Mächler, and Marlen Schulz.

Fast Forward Pop-Up Show #MeeFrida
Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg 2022

Established in 2014 by Katrin Kleist, the Berlin-based gallery weartberlin (Booth B4) sees itself as a multifaceted gallery for promising and influential contemporary art positions in Berlin's art scene.

Represented artist: Theresa Lambrecht, Malwin Faber, Lali Torma, Tim David Trillsam, Klaus W. Rieck

Fast Forward Pop-Up Show #MeeFrida
Group Exhibition

MeetFrida Foundation Presents the "Neve Shalom" Edition at "Beyond Monumental" Exhibition on Alter Wall, Hamburg, 2022

In collaboration with the "Alter Wall," the MeetFrida Foundation proudly unveils an augmented reality art exhibition titled "Beyond Monumental". This innovative presentation seamlessly merges physical and digital realms along the expanse of Alter Wall, offering a fresh and transformative dimension to this cherished historic location.

Through the "Neve Shalom" edition, comprising two distinct variations (Neve Shalom I and Neve Shalom II), Malwin Faber reverently commemorates the Jewish history within Hamburg. Every piece carries a singular essence, born from the expressive brushwork and the intricate monotype printing technique.

Neve Shalom

Rankhilfe und Formschnitt. Malwin Faber, Kunstverein Quickborn
Solo Exhibition

Malwin Faber's Solo Exhibition "Rankhilfe und Formschnitt" Presented by Kunstverein Quickborn, 2022

The solo exhibition "Rankhilfe und Formschnitt" by Malwin Faber is an installative exhibition to be seen as a whole. Within the realm of abstraction, pictorial fragments and tangible elements take on figurative forms, evoking hints of botanical beauty and garden architecture. Malwin Faber's artistic pursuits transcend the realm of abstract painting, as he endeavors to stimulate contemplation regarding the intricate interplay between humans and nature.

Bilder heute, Welten morgen. Horror Vacuii, Leipzig
Group Exhibition

"From Images Today to Worlds Tomorrow – Bilder heute, Welten morgen" Exhibition at Horror Vacuii, Leipzig, 2022

Emerging painting perspectives entwined through a vibrant exchange bridging Hamburg and Leipzig.

Participating artists: Pascal Brinkmann, Adrian Buschmann, Söntke Campen, Malwin Faber, Janina Gude, Stephan Hohenthanner, Toni Minge, Sol Mangung, Lena Stühmeier, Verena Zimmermann

Koi Koi Koi - Im malerischen Ziergarten mit Jonathan Esperester und Malwin Faber
Duo Exhibition

"Koi Koi Koi" Exhibition with Jonathan Esperester and Malwin Faber Set in a Picturesque Ornamental Garden at plan.d. Produzentengalerie, Düsseldorf, 2022

We breed, we trim, we refine, we cultivate and manipulate. We strive for perfection. Sometimes, we need to treat, spray in emergencies, with high pressure - a power-washed man's delight. We have everything under control. Support structures and pruning ensure orderly growth. A fish with a small red spot in the right place on its forehead. Beautiful white fins. Our garden: a walkable spatial image with objects. Our paintings: pictorial spaces, illusions. Artfully highlighted brushstrokes. Meticulously crafted dirt, perfected to perfection.

MeetFrida Residency Group Show at Stilwerk in Hamburg
Group Exhibition

MeetFrida Artist Residency Group Show Takes its Room at Stilwerk Hamburg, 2021

This Group Show culminates from an enriching four-week Artist Residency hosted at stilwerk in Hamburg. Throughout the month of October, ten accomplished MeetFrida artists seized the chance to immerse themselves within one of the city's most storied industrial landmarks, nestled adjacent to the Hamburg Fischmarkt. Throughout this temporal span, the artists embarked on an collaborative voyage, culminating in a collective exhibition that encompassed an array of mediums – spanning sculptures, paintings, and installations – all meticulously crafted over the course of these vibrant four months.

Participating artists: Einsiedel + Jung, Malwin Faber, Stephan Hohenthanner, Nis Knudsen, Ki Yoon Ko, Magda Krawcewicz, Penny Monogiou, Darko C. Nikolic, Jana Schumacher

Watch a 3D tour of the exhibition

Bilder aus dem Irgendwo
Duo Exhibition

"Bilder aus dem Irgendwo - Malwin Faber & Sven Scharfenberg" at Raum Linksrechts, Hamburg, 2021

Two distinct painterly perspectives converge, melding in both harmony and discord within a resonant space. Between moments of euphoria and whispers of melancholy, amidst the dance of abstraction and figuration, these two voices discover a unifying cadence.

Ahlener Doppel, Macht - Mythos - Märchen
Art Award Exhibition

"Ahlener Doppel" Art Award Exhibition Presented by Kunstverein Ahlen at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen, 2021

The Kunstverein Ahlen has unveiled the "Ahlener Doppel" art award through a captivating group exhibition, showcasing the competition entries of all participants meticulously crafted over the course of a year.

Nominated artists: Marta Beauchamp, Sergej Davydov, Julia Dolipski, Malwin Faber, Annika Kahmen, Alina Medvedeva, Chiemi Nakagawa, Rosa Reymann, Isabel Schober und Jona Sliwka

Macht Mythos Märchen

FEmotional Sculpture, Westwerk, Hamburg, 2021
Group Exhibition

"Emotional Sculpture" Exhibition at Westwerk in Hamburg, 2021

"Emotional Sculpture" stands as an evolving project of dialogic experimentation, ignited into existence by the initiation of Kerstin Behrendt.

Participating artists: Friederike Lydia Ahrens, Corina Ernst, Malwin Faber, Sigrun Jakubaschke, Florian Reckert, Janina Santamarina, Kerstin von Holt, Kerstin Behrendt

MeetFrida's guided art walk during the Hamburger Kultursommer 2021
Group Exhibition

Navigating Artful Pathways: MeetFrida Guides Art Enthusiasts on an Inspiring Art Walk during "Hamburger Kultursommer", 2021

Malwin Faber joins forces with 19 other artists from Hamburg, converging within a captivating fusion of both the virtual and the tangible. The MeetFrida Foundation orchestrates ingenious augmented reality group exhibitions at diverse locales throughout the city of Hamburg. Furthermore, these artistic expressions grace poster walls, eagerly awaiting discovery during enlightening guided tours.

Fast Forward Pop-Up Show #MeeFrida
Group Exhibition

"Fast Forward" Exhibition by MeetFrida Foundation in Hamburg, 2021

In the artistic project titled "Art Over Advertising," the MeetFrida Foundation presents artworks on expansive billboards awaiting discovery along an "art walk" meandering through the city. The original works from the participating artists are showcased in a pop-up exhibit within the Haseviertel.

Participating artists: Boje Arndt Kiesiel, Stephan Hohenthanner, Jana Schumacher, Magda Krawcewicz, Malwin Faber, Jonathan Esperester, Claudia Mächler, Birgit Klerch, Christine Brey

Film about Malwin Faber, Openstudio

Film Portrait about Malwin Faber by Anne Krüger & Ariane Bethusy-Huc, ArtSceneFilm / Open Studio, 2021

Malwin Faber's paintings are sometimes loud and sometimes calm, sometimes reduced and clear but then again exuberantly multilayered. Like a melody that swells or ebbs, is intricate or straightforward, the brushstrokes dance across his paintings. Individual pictorial elements repeat themselves, similar to a track, again and again and connect the different works to a coherent sequence.

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Forma Figura Exemplar, weartberlin, Group show, 2019
Group Exhibition

"Forma Figura Exemplar" Curated by Weartberlin in the Heart of Berlin, 2019

During the Berlin Art Week, the gallery weartberlin is curating an anniversary exhibition featuring artists from the gallery program.

Participating artists: Marek Schoánek, Innerfields, Finkbeiner & Salm, Sven Wiebers, Eva Nordal, Tim David Trillsam, Theresa Lambrecht, Lali Torma, Klaus W. Rieck, Simone Westphal, Malwin Faber


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